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Tablescaping Tips with Rachel Ostroy

DANKE: Building a tablescape… where do you start?

RACHEL OSTROY: I start by thinking about my inspiration. The time of year, the theme, the aesthetic, what will captivate the audience, what I know my followers already like, what makes them driven.

I like to present a beautiful table that every follower will appreciate. I try to be a little modern and a little traditional at the same time so everybody can relate.

Let’s say it’s a holiday, like if Rosh Hashanah is coming, it’s usually fruit, and red, a lot of harvest and autumn colours.

I try to be different, but I don’t want to intimidate anybody.

Do you have any tablescaping rules?

No rules! I don’t like using tablecloths, I prefer a natural tabletop. But this isn’t a rule.

What else do you like?

What else do you like?

I LOVE to mix and match. I mix expensive with inexpensive.

I always like to add a little extra and I like my tablescapes to always have a flow.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Pinterest. I’m a big Pinterest girl.

What’s your favourite tablescape?

Oh, I love my Shavuos table! I used plates that had eyeballs on them! I thought that was so cool. I had these Fornasetti plates... I thought it was a little risky and a little over the top, but that’s where my whole concept of “no rules” applies!

What does every tablescape need?

A tablescape doesn’t need much. It just needs to have a flow.

The three things you need on a tablescape are the plates, the goblets, and the centrepiece. Those are the most important things. Beautiful napkins are great. Chargers are a nice add, but it’s the plates, goblets and centrepieces that catch the eye.

Also flowers. Flowers are always a must!

What is your tablescape no-no?

Fake flowers.

What’s your favourite colour scheme?

Red, black and white – it’s what turns me on the most!

What is your best season or holiday?

I love Thanksgiving!

Which three words describe your perfect tablescape?

Chic. Eccentric. Classic.

What tabletop trends do you see coming up?

Lucite’s very big at the moment. Veering away from brass now, while chrome silver is coming back very strong. Elegant disposable paper decor is super big. And I’m seeing single, short vases. You know, like little silver ones.

What is your top tip for the beginner?

Play around. Never be intimidated.

And buy a lot of things in Target or Home Goods because if you make a mistake with certain things it’s not a big expense.

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