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Tablescaping Tips with Tassels Home Decor

DANKE: Building a tablescape… where do you start?

TASSELS HOME DECOR: There’s no one specific thing or any one item. If I see a tablecloth I love, I’ll think how can I use it.

What does every tablescape need?

A centrepiece. I strongly believe that. Also a complete place setting. Even if it means going out and buying a beautiful paper placemat or charger. I don’t like tables that just have a dinner plate – it feels like something’s missing. I like a table to be full.

What tabletop trends do you see coming up?

Moody tablescapes are definitely coming up. Also, I feel minimalist and muted tones are a trend that's coming in.

What else do you like?

I like to do little personalised things. Something personal that you can take home. A favour box, or something like that.

What's your favourite colour scheme?


Which three words describe your perfect tablescape?

Clean. Minimal. Inviting.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Pinterest all the way. Always.

What is your top tip for the beginner?

Don’t think you have to go out and buy in order for your table to look beautiful. You don’t. Use the things you have at home. For example, I’m using these little schnapps cups; they’re vintage pieces. I just put candles in them.

Just be creative! Don’t underestimate your talent or capabilities. Everyone can set a beautiful table.

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