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Tablescaping Tips with Debbie Nussbaum

DANKE: What does every tablescape need?

DEBBIE NUSSBAUM: A tablescape always needs a PLAN. It is important to think through the final look/concept that you are working towards when choosing the different elements for your table.

What is your biggest tablescaping no-no?

Not thinking logically when designing your table. You don't want centrepieces that block your guests' views across the table, unsturdy vases or candles that could cause a danger to guests or simply filling the table with so much stuff that there is no room for the food!

Pick three words to describe your perfect tablescape.

Beautiful. Unique. Trendy.

Place cards - yes or no?

As an event planner, I get asked this question a lot. In general, I think that place cards are a good idea, especially for Brits and Europeans who are used to being told where to sit and find it overwhelming when they enter an event without set seating. Americans and Israelis tend to prefer non-assigned seating and I am finding that more and more of my clients are choosing not to do place cards for their events.

I have seen it work well, but one good tip when not doing place cards, is to set more places than your number of guests, as when seating is non-assigned, guests tend to leave awkward spaces on their tables that no-one wants to sit in.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I spend a lot of time on Instagram and Pinterest following the latest trends. I particularly love @stylemepretty, @ruffledblog, @weddingchicks and @smashingtheglass (for Jewish wedding inspiration).

What tabletop trends do you see coming up?

Lots of the hot 2018 trends seem to be here to stay. In terms of colours, rose gold and blush are still going strong, as well as greens and geometric shapes.

What is new and going to be very strong in 2019 is lucite (for menus, place mats and table numbers), velvet (for cloths and napkin ties) and long thin taper candles are everywhere. Pastels are going to be very popular - blush, dusty blue, champagne, lilac grey and they are going to be used with pops of black and navy. In terms of crockery, layering and mismatched eclectic dishes are going to be strong.

What is your top tip for the beginner?

I would suggest to follow top designers and style blogs on Instagram and then when you next hit the shops or browse online for new pieces for your table, you will know exactly what you need to add to your collection to make your table stand out.

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