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Tutankhamun Afikoman Bag

Tutankhamun Afikoman Bag


When it's time to hide the Afikoman at the Passover Seder, here's a gorgeous bag to place your matzah in (instead of a used napkin!).


This Afikoman bag uses the colours from Tutankhamun's mask to make a beautiful, bold statement at the Seder table. It matches Danke's popular Tutankhamun maztah cover, creating a unique set of Passover tableware.


The design features a bold geometric pattern of gold, bronze, grey and blue, inset with Hebrew text that reads "Afikoman".


Printed on lustrous poly satin, this Afikoman bag looks elegant and feels luxurious. The fabric has a tight weave, which is a perfect base for the printed design. The bag shuts with a zip.

  • Product details

    • Size 25cm x 20cm
    • 160 gsm poly-blend, satin faced twill
  • Care instructions

    • Machine washable on delicate cycle
    • Hang out to dry. Do not wring