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Sample – Sunset Hadlakat Nerot in English

Sample – Sunset Hadlakat Nerot in English


On sale because: The text in printed in white. It looks pretty, but in the middle, where the background is light green, it is hard to read. It's not impossible to read it, but the text doesn't stand out as clearly as I'd like, which is why it's on sale.




Bring Shabbat in with beauty. Danke's stunning Hadlakat Nerot block will enhance your Shabbat candle-lighting display.


The Shabbat candle-lighting blessing, in English, on a gorgeous jewel-coloured background.


Freestanding, crystal-clear, 2cm thick perspex block.

  • Product details

    • Size 10cm x 15cm
    • High-quality perspex / acrylic / lucite / plexiglass
  • Care instructions

    • Remove dust with soft microfibre cloth
    • Rub gently to avoid scratching