Imperfect Blue Marble Glass Challah Board

Imperfect Blue Marble Glass Challah Board

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Discounted because the print is slightly-off centre. The Shabbat Shalom border is too close to the top. Otherwise, the board is beautiful, brand new and not faulty at all.



A modern Shabbat table deserves a modern challah board. Our gorgeous Blue Marble glass board is printed with a delightful blue marble-effect and topped with a toughened glass surface that will resist scratches from even the sharpest of challah knives.


The Hebrew words "Shabbat Shalom" form a silver-effect border around the edge of the board.


Our glass challah boards can be ordered in any of Danke's designs. Match it to your challah cover, your table cloth, or your wall paper -- and you can personalise it too! Please be in touch for more information.

  • Product details

    • Size 39cm x 28.5cm
    • 3.5 mm thick toughened glass
    • Four non-slip PVC feet
  • Care instructions

    • Heatproof
    • Scratch-resistant
    • Easy wipe clean
    • Handwash only